Turning Dark Cave into Real Climbing Gem | Hogo Fogo 9a FA | Adam Ondra

Some places don't look amazing at first glance. They might be hidden in the woods, they might be dirty, full of cobwebs, and they might require a lot of cleaning. Derava skala (The Leaky Rock) is a small dark cave that has been neglected for many years despite the first free climbing routes being developed in the 80s. I did not like it myself the first time I saw it 20 years ago. With a new perspective and much more experience, I could see much better that this cave is a real gem 💎, and the best lines were still waiting for the first ascents! Take a look at the new video featuring the first ascent of Hogo Fogo 9a! ENGLISH SUBTITLES AVAILABLE IN THE VIDEO SETTINGS ČESKÉ TITULKY JSOU DOSTUPNÉ V NASTAVENÍ VIDEA Timecodes: 00:00 - Intro (Deravá skala, Plavecký Mikuláš, Slovakia) 00:32 - Matej Hulej (Slovak local climber) 01:37 - Adam Ondra talks about Deravá skala crag 01:48 - Tomáš "Svišť" Pilka made first ascent Napalm 8b+ 02:04 - Matej talks about 2 lines - Napalm 8b+ and La Hovno 8a+ by Tomáš Pilka 02:20 - Adam talks about Hovnus Stropus 8b+, Napalm 8b+ and potential of Deravá skala 03:56 - Matej talks about the project 04:30 - Dirty job! 05:00 - First try 07:22 - Fall during the kneebar 08:36 - Kneebar technique by Adam 08:52 - Second try 10:50 - Crux 11:54 - Hogo Fogo 9a FA by Adam Ondra 12:42 - Adam talks about Deravá skala crags genius loci 13:19 - Outro Get AO Photo Book + Get Free Signed Postcard❗ https://eshop.adamondra.com/p/ao-photo-book-free-signed-postcard#1103 Have you seen this video of mine ?! www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hKEyyi0F_c Special thanks to Matej Hulej Story by Adam Ondra Directed & edited by Laco Korbel Camera Jan Vogl Laco Korbel Archive pictures by Matej Hulej Petr Pepe Piechowicz Archive footage by youtube.com/tattoocube Martin Slezák Production Kateřina Kuřátková Jan Verner Jakub Pína Subtitles by Jarka Marčeková © Adam Ondra 2022 #climbing #onthego #rockclimbing #mammut @MAMMUT

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